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Crowdfunding Spain, undiscovered niche

When we present an idea to raise funding and be able to carry out, one of the key elements that we need to ask ourselves is if there is a product or similar project. The result of this approach can give us two alternatives;   Mi proyecto ya existe Bien, It is more than likely that your project already exists in the market, do not be discouraged because esto can be good or bad depending on each case. In the positive Outlook, If already exists and succeeds, We can apply the elements that work in our project competition, provided it is not plagiarism. And we can also include details to improve it or make it different from the rest. The basis that a project already exists is that the market exists and works. On the other hand, a market saturated with product or project may make us rethink whether a good idea is to throw it. Desde Crowdfunding España siempre […]