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Types of rewards

One of the key factors when it comes to raising funds for your project, they are the rewards that you offer in the campaign of Crowdfunding Spain. Things they may be offered as rewards? Almost anything can be offered how to reward. They can be physical; a t-shirt, a poster, a copy, dedicated objects… or intangible; attend a movie premiere, a mention in the credits, a private concert… It is important to be creative and original. You have to think what is the most attractive reward that you can offer. Pensar cómo un mecenas Piensa primero en tus mecenas, keep in mind that without your help you can not fulfill your dream. Think about the kind of people who will support your project and offer them something of real value more than price. We recommend that you give rewards for all budgets. The average contribution is € 15, pero igual de importante son 15 aportaciones […]