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5 Tips to promote your project

From Spain Crowfunding you want to leave some tips on how to promote your project: 1. Define your target audience. Who is this directed the project and who may be interested in a reward. Be clear about the audience of the campaign will make it easier to determine the channels and content type to show. 2. Plan. Create a marketing strategy is very important, You can set the type of content that you can contribute and the channels by which you will get to your patrons and the general public. If you need a pay advertising campaign, or write some article. So how also create you a personal calendar where you can dispense efforts during the period of the campaign of crowdfunding. 3. Create content periodically. Patrons willing to support your project need to be serviced, and best option to take care of them that go publishing every two or three days, News about the progress of the project. Having a blog […]