Investing in Social Marketing and not die trying


Investing in Social Marketing and not die trying

Whether you're an entrepreneur who just launched your business project, as if have of a business seated, It can be that you've raised you invest in Social marketing. And is that in Crowdfunding Spain consider the promotion in networks social a factor indispensable almost in any sector.

Today the networks social are some showcases perfect to show your products and services, being able to reach thousands of people with a moderate investment.

What are the key for investing in Social Marketing?

A fact important that have that have in has is know by that network tends to move is our public target. So you can count on professional public on linkedin, people of middle ages on Facebook, public more active and young on Twitter, content more graphic on Pinterest or in the powerful and so of fashion Instagram.

A time defined the networks on which act, is suitable perform a planning of investment and structuring the measurements of conversions to have an idea clear of if us is profitable it promotion.

Thus a moderate but continued investment will ensure us a presence online to going winning fans of our brand and grow little by little. We recommend small testing before setting up large promotional campaigns, for example, If your business is based in a shop, try to promote publications of attractive products and measuring the return on investment of these for a week and then decide.

Another strategy to launches of products or events, is an investment more high in a short period of time. Thus we can generate excitement before a certain date. Depending on each case is a good idea to choose one or the other.

* You can measure the impact through the tool Google Analytics from which you can see the behavior of the users, the origin of the visits and the final landing pages, how orders and payments.

But how works the advertising on the networks social??

Invertir-en-REDES-sociales-crowdfunding-EspanaThere are several ways to promote themselves in the media, the most common are the highlight specific publications and the win followers or I like you.

On Facebook for example, We will have ways to promote the company page to get me gustas, segmenting by interests, age and location. So how also can promote publications specific with those same criteria. Available from a minimum investment of 1 euro.

Twitter Ads works similarly, We promote a twit or a card where are summed up in the user's profile to win followers.

In Crowdfunding Spain you recommend that you start with promotions of publications of product specific, and at the same time you keep parallel campaigns of less investment to gain followers in profiles. When you have a considerable amount of fans you can reduce the amount of both campaigns.

As users become fans and ambassadors of your brand

One of the most important details of Social Marketing, is try that your followers are involve with the brand. The difference between a fan and a customer, It is the first to recommend you and will speak well of you without your intervention. To get fans we recommend that you associate your business model with values that are capable of generating positive emotions, fans will notice it and want to share the experience with their circles.

What is the potential that social networks can bring to my business?

It is difficult to determine what is the capacity that have the networks to increase conversions, It is very special for every business. From Crowdfunding Spain you recommend that your same make the test.

If you want to know more about Social marketing, You can spend by the Neil Patel's blog, a consultant specialized in content, networking social and SEO.

In Crowdfunding Spain We want to help you to launch your project through patronage providing you them tips that will make that your idea reach the success.

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