How it works

Crowdfunding Spain infographics

Crowdfunding Spain infographics

How Crowdfunding Spain

Crowdfunding Spain supports creative and innovative projects, and our way of working is very simple.

Creators of Crowdfunding projects

If you have decided to launch a campaign of Crowdfunding with us, the procedure to integrate it in Crowdfunding Spain is as follows:

1 ° analyzes the idea, way to carry it out, that means you have, etc. Sign up for our platform and access the section send project.

2 ° presupposed your project, Please note all details and tools you need to make your idea a reality. Reminds the Commission of Crowdfunding Spain is only 6% of the amount that you collect more the Commission of PayPal from the 0.39%.

3rd rewards, It stipulates that you can offer in return for small contributions, keep in mind that Spain Crowdfunding is a reward Crowdfunding platform and these may not exceed the €100.

4th establishes a period of fundraising. You will have to make an estimate of the time that you can take to raise the funds needed to carry out the project. The maximum allowed is 90 days.

5 ° send us your project. We will take care of publishing it on the web and give you some tips if it is convenient. All projects are supervised by our administrators before publication.

6 ° rewards and fundraising. You must deliver the rewards when your project has reached or exceeds 100% of the stipulated financing, and when will charge supports.

Patrons of Crowdfunding projects

Get exclusive rewards supporting projects easily.

Navigate between projects until you find that interests you most, You can access your tab and select the amount that you would like to contribute.

Automatically send you to a page to collect the data necessary to process the order.

Crowdfunding Spain only accepts payments with PayPal as a safer method. If you don't have PayPal account, creating it is very simple, Here they explain how.

Once the payment, you have to wait till the project ends and the creator will make effective rewards.

Your contribution will be refunded in the event that the project does not reach 100% of the required funding, with the exception of the rates and management fees.