Crowdfunding for ecommerce


Crowdfunding for ecommerce

For many entrepreneurs, the crowdfunding campaign It is a good way to see how to answer a eCommerce before potential buyers of our products.

When patrons buy, the product is ready for sale on the eCommerce. However, if it does not sell, the entrepreneur can see what are the causes of lack of sales and may have a clear picture before embarking on internet with your eCommerce.

In case of success, is very likely that patrons who buy the product in advance, be able to effect call for new customers and each satisfied patrons may be turning in a our brand Ambassador or a fan.

So if our campaign is successful it is almost essential to have a place on the internet that receive our backers and future customers of our crowdfunding-funded ecommerce.

Some tips when creating an ecommerce

The ideal is to go to a professional web design Studio in such a way that it can provide a professional solution. The online shop o eCommerce There must be aspects that we have to take care of how design, usability, shipping and refund policy, secure payment gateways, etc. In Crowdfunding Spain we recommend that if you are determined to create your ecommerce, You can pass you by “Your Web Startup” they are specialists in developments for entrepreneurs and at a very competitive price.

Some of the details that you should consider when you develop your ecommerce solution is that the Shop is responsive (adaptable to devices mobile), available from SSL security certificate (HTTPS), sections of properly configured shipping and secure payment gateways. Another aspect to consider is to have a CMS with which to manage ourselves online store without having to rely on any third party, so we can update products or any other feature of the store.

In Crowdfunding Spain We commit ourselves with every project that we accept and offer online solutions so that you can continue with your activity once achieved the goal.

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