Crowdfunding for companies


Crowdfunding for companies

When we speak of crowdfunding We normally refer to creative projects, innovative or independent, but there is a multitude of variants of crowdfunding such as the business-oriented, called crowdlending.

The term crowdlending comes from the crowdfunding or funding collective in which the investors obtain rewards not monetary by the contribution that make to a project. The crowdlending works otherwise: the investor lends money to a company in Exchange for an interest rate. Through the crowdlending companies obtain funding directly from individual investors, model also known as peer-to-business lending or lending p2b.

Details of Crowdfunding for companies

When we speak of crowdlending We must bear in mind that we are dealing with an actual investment product, so investors who invested in financing the company normally require guarantees and the level of commitment of the entrepreneur goes far beyond the reward crowdfunding.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2007, many banks have increased the requirements for the loan of way significant. And when they come down to borrowing interest rates rise the commissions of other products requiring to hire. Therefore, It is much more difficult for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs get loans from traditional forms of financing.

There are many types of crowdfunding, How can they be:

Reward: rewards in Exchange for the contributions to the project.

Equity: funding is exchanged for a participation in the company.

Donation: donation disinterested, without reward of any kind.

Lending: lenders invest in Exchange for an interest rate.

In Crowdfunding Spain carry out reward crowdfunding, but this does not mean that we do not fund emerging businesses, but the way we operate is designed so that the patronage obtain non-monetary rewards for your investment.

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