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Community Manager and social media management

Today, just having a presence online may be insufficient to generate business opportunities. They are very aware of this in your Web Startup, and from his study of web design in Valencia, They help companies, entrepreneurs and startups to create content and broadcast in social media. The management of media can be decisive in a business, know how to treat the user, successfully manage an unfavourable opinion, or enhance promotion campaigns and offers, It is a work of Community Manager profile. This role arises as a response to the need for a close relationship and that transmit the values of the brand, to a hearing. The administration of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or a Community Manager Instagram, It may return in one more corporate image scope. Have a corporate blog with which to generate content of the sector, It tends to be an agile strategy to make […]


Investing in Social Marketing and not die trying

Whether you're an entrepreneur who just launched your business project, as if have of a business seated, It can be that you've raised you invest in Social Marketing. And it is that in Crowdfunding Spain we consider promotion in social networks an indispensable almost in any sector factor. Today the networks social are some showcases perfect to show your products and services, being able to reach thousands of people with a moderate investment. What are the key for investing in Social Marketing? A fact important that have that have in has is know by that network tends to move is our public target. So you can count on professional public on linkedin, people of middle ages on Facebook, public more active and young on Twitter, content more graphic on Pinterest or in the powerful and so of fashion Instagram. A time defined the networks on which act, ES […]


Crowdfunding for companies

When we speak of crowdfunding normally referring to creative projects, innovative or independent, There is multitude of variants of how crowdfunding for example business-oriented, called crowdlending. The term crowdlending comes from the crowdfunding or collective funding in which investors obtain non-monetary rewards for the contribution they make to a project. The crowdlending works in a different way: the investor lends money to a company in Exchange for an interest rate. Through the crowdlending companies obtain funding directly from investors-individuals, model also known as peer-to-business lending or lending p2b. Details of Crowdfunding to companies when we talk about crowdlending must bear in mind that we are dealing with an actual investment product, so investors who invested in financing the company normally require guarantees and the level of commitment of the entrepreneur goes far beyond the reward crowdfunding. Since the outbreak of […]


Crowdfunding for ecommerce

For many entrepreneurs, crowdfunding campaign is a good way of seeing how an ecommerce would respond to potential buyers of our products. When patrons buy, the product is ready for sale via e-commerce. However, if it does not sell, the entrepreneur can see what are the causes of lack of sales and may have a clear picture before embarking on internet with your ecommerce. In case of success, is very likely that patrons who buy the product in advance, be able to effect call for new customers and each satisfied patrons may be becoming an Ambassador for our brand or a fan. So if our campaign is successful it is almost essential to have a place on the internet that receive our patrons and prospective clients of our ecommerce crowdfunding-funded. Some tips at the time […]

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